Rehab To Real Life

Peace by Piece


So what does a recovery coach actually do?

I consider my role in my clients' lives to be both a confidant and guide.

As you travel through life's many mazes, I am here to help you uncover what is blocking you to overcome that obstacle. I am here to help you unearth the lies which addiction and other life’s stressors would have you believe.  There is a way out.

Everyone single one of us at some point in our live (including myself) need to take a step back and review what our internal negative dialogue has been telling us and move towards a more positive, successful, and peaceful state of mind.

Are you in need of some help on your path?

During our Discovery call (first step) I will take the time to better understand and identify where you currently are on your path and in your story.  This will allow us to design a plan towards wellness that is specific to you.  Every client is unique so there is no cookie cutter approach for everyone.  I will provide full support, trust, and absolute confidentiality, allowing you to feel comfortable in letting down any walls and working together on a plan towards a brighter future.

I understand that addiction unfortunately affects more than just the addict or alcoholic.

I offer family coaching services as well. It can be a very frustrating time for family members and friends of an alcoholic.  It is very common to feel you have done absolutely everything in your power but not seeing any changes.  I will work with you by offering support and most importantly a plan going forward on how to work with those impacted by addiction that doesn’t take over your life.